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Regarding Our Proofing Process

It is not necessary to supply designs for every item you are ordering. We use the same artwork for all "tops" (run singlets, jackets) and all "bottoms" (run shorts,casual pants ). Your run singlet will look like your jacket (just without sleeves) and your run shorts will look like your run tights. We will need artwork for accessories, but even some of these items can use the same design. 

Please note that the Champion System logo must appear on the upper chest area (left or right) and on the center of lower back. The Champion System logo must also appear on the inside thigh panels and on the short back panel.

Not a Graphic Designer?

No problem! Click here to check out our new online CS-Design lab.



Apex TechFleece Run Jacket (Partial Sub)  download
Apex WindGuard Run Jacket  download
Men's Running Multi-Template (Marathon Singlet, Run Singlet, Run Top, Performance Long Sleeve) download
Women's Running Multi-Template (Sports Bra, Women's Specific Run Top, Women's Specific Run Singlet) download


Running Short
Running Short (Long Length) download
Running Race Short download
Long Length Training Short download
Lycra Training Short download 
Full Length Run Tight download 




Technical Performance Sleeveless Top download
Technical Performance Short Sleeve Top download
Technical Performance Long Sleeve Top
Polo Shirt
Tech Mechanic Shirt
Hoodie Jacket (CS Tech / WindGuard) download
Casual Jacket (CS Tech / WindGuard)
Parka Jacket download


CS Tech Casual Pant download
WindGuard Casual Pant


Visor Cap download
Baseball Cap download
CS Transformer Cap download
Custom Mobile and PDA Cover download
Custom Notebook Cover download
Custom Messenger Bag download


 Questions? Please email